15 Mar, 2021

A Mini Guide to Hatta Dam

Are you tired of staying home and looking for a weekend getaway somewhere around Dubai? No need to look any further. We present to you a useful guide to Hatta Dam. Hatta dam provides the perfect relief from the heat and an adventurous spot that would excite the whole family.

Alongside Hatta Dam, you may find the beautiful Hatta Lake. It has the backdrop of the magnificent Hajjar mountains. Surrounded by towering cliffs, the Hatta dam’s cool blue water offers a wide range of activities that would entertain anyone looking for a retreat.

Location And How To Get There?

The location of Hatta Dam is approximately 125 km from the southeast of Dubai city. It takes a ninety-minute drive to reach Hatta Dam via car if you take the S112, Maliha road from Dubai and follow the E-102 route.

waterThe roads are well made, and if you put the location on Google Map, it will quickly guide you through the desert and the Hajjar mountains to the beautiful sight of glistening water. You can also take the bus, but it will be a slightly longer journey than the car. The public bus from Dubai to Hatta would take around three hours and cost you around 15 AED.

If you are traveling from Abu Dhabi via car, take the route via Dubai to Al Ain road until you reach Male and eventually to Hatta. This journey will take around two and a half hours if you don’t make any stops. You can also take the bus from Sabkha bus station that would drop you at the Hatta bus station in three hours and thirty minutes.

Things To Do At The Hatta Dam:

Hatta dam

Hatta DamNow that the location you are aware of the site and know how to reach the Hatta Dam safely let’s discuss what you can expect at this glorious scene that is becoming increasingly popular among tourists and residents alike.

KayakHatta Kayak is unsurprisingly most famous for its adventurous kayak ride. Kayaking as a sport is getting much recognition in the sport, and the Hatta Kayak is one of the ideal spots if you want to explore this water sport.

Kayak Kayak Once you have gotten your Kayak and the appropriate gear, the instructor will brief you about how to row the Kayak and what to do if you encounter a difficulty. Don’t stress if you are a newbie—you don’t need prior experience of paddling a kayak.

Kayak Also, the water is calm, and the waves don’t come crashing at you if you are afraid you won’t guide your Kayak. Once you are in your Kayak, start rowing and enjoy the serenity. After all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

kayak Hatta Dam is most famous for its kayak experience. Still, if you want to enjoy it without tiring your arms, you can rent paddle boats, water bikes, electric donut boats, or a tour boat with a driver from the reservoir’s kiosk.

Boats Available At the Hatta Dam And Their Prices:

Kayaks and water bikes rented once can be enjoyed for unlimited time for one day.

  • Single kayaks cost 60 AED. Only one 16 years old and above can ride this.
  • Double kayaks cost 120 AED and can carry two adults and one child.
  • Single water bikes for one adult cost 60 AED.
  • Double water bikes have a capacity for two adults and cost 120 AED.
  • Triple water bikes have a capacity for three adults and cost 180 AED.

You can rent other boats for a limited time:

  • Pedal boats are available for a one-hour ride for 150 AED. They can carry three adults and one child at a time.
  • Electric donut boats can carry four adults and two children at a time, and a one-hour ride costs 300 AED.
  • Tour boat with a driver can carry 11 adults, and a 25 minutes ride costs 600 AED.

Frequent Concerns and Tips:

  • There are a hundred Kayaks available at the Hatta Dam if you are worried that you will not get one. However, it is best to reach as early as possible, so you don’t have to wait in the queue.
  • The roads are well-made, but it is a mountainous region, so make sure to have a seasoned driver with you.
  • Don’t stress about the parking. Hatta Dam also has a lot of free parking space.
  • There are no washrooms and restaurants around the Hatta Dam, but the comfortable JA Hatta Fort Hotel is only a 12-minute drive away.
  • It is best to wear water-resistant clothes and have a water-proof case for your gadgets.

Our Veredict:

Hatta Dam is undoubtedly getting the hype it deserves. Come with your friends or family, and you are sure to go back with a lot of fun, happy memories, and the wish to return soon.

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