All About Makani Number
17 Jun, 2021

All About Makani Number

Due to Dubai’s complex addressing system, people often find it very challenging to find the particular address they are looking for.  Google Maps is not the most efficient navigation tool in Dubai, and because of that, the Dubai Municipality introduced a new navigation tool to locate places easily. This is known as the Makani Number of Dubai. Read more about Google Maps.

All About Makani Number

What is Makani Number Dubai?

Now you may be wondering, what is Makani Number Dubai? Makani Number Dubai is an extraordinary initiative of the Dubai Government and Municipality to make direction-finding easier and more convenient.  Read about Dubai Municipality: From Humble Beginnings To Glory

It can be known as the official geo-addressing scheme of Dubai that works on the Makani system. Makani is an Arabic word that means my place/location.

In the emirates, every building has a unique ten-digit location code or Makani number. This enables the location to be mapped on electronic devices, making them advanced smart cities. 

From villas to high-rise buildings, to offices, and hospitals, every structure has a distinct Makani number that provides you with its exact location.

What is a Makani Number?

This number is a 10-digit identifying code that provides the location of the entrance. Various spaces in Dubai use the official geographic addressing system. If you are still wondering what is the number is provided to the residents of Dubai of their location.

The Makani number is especially useful to locate large buildings, of whose number is available by the building management. 

The generation of the number relies on a universal geographic coordinate standard that locates the entrances of the buildings with the most accurate results.

How Does Makani Number Dubai Work?

Makani is a mobile application that can be installed on any electronic device from laptops to desktops to tablets to cell phones. It is available on Android and iOS. The user is required to install the application and put in their address the traditional way.

The application will provide a 10-digit code of your exact location and provide you which will direct you to the desired location. Makani number Dubai assists many people, especially the tourists who often would’ve had to go through the language barrier. 

To add on top of it, the directions of Dubai are fairly difficult to understand; however, locating places can become much easier.

This is an efficient application available on the Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS) for users to explore Dubai with ease and tranquility conveniently. The app personalizes your location by generating a 10-digit Makani number Dubai and providing directions to you. Read about Know The Advantages Of Knowing The Cadastral Number Of A Home

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