Amusing Parks In Dubai To Stroll With Your Family & Friends
01 May, 2021

Amusing Parks In Dubai To Stroll With Your Family & Friends

Dubai is so much more than just beaches, malls, and skyscrapers. And now that the scorching heat has finally subsided, the amusing parks in Dubai are also worth visiting. And there’s no other way to enjoy the outdoor breeze except for spending a day in the Dubai Safari Park, Dubai Legoland, Al Mamzar Beach Park, or Zabeel Park.

Picture this; sun shining through the clouds with gentle winds whistling along, fluttering your hair. Children are playing and running around while you wait for them to sit on the grass, undoing the picnic basket. It sounds like a good day, right?

Well, quit imagining and make it happen in real-time. Below are the top four amusing parks in Dubai:

Dubai Safari Park

Amusing Parks In Dubai


The Dubai Safari Park, located in the Al Wasi Road, was constructed in late 1975 and is spread over a large urban area, covering acres of land.

After years of familiarity with families, it has become the best renowned recreational spot for children as well as adults.

Also, it is eco-friendly and is home to more than 3,000 animals including, reptiles, carnivores, mammals, and other species.

If you’re planning a family day out, make sure to give the Dubai Safari Park a visit.

Dubai Legoland

Amusing Parks In Dubai To Stroll With Your Family & Friends


Dubai Legoland is one of the most amusing parks in Dubai for kids and kids-at-heart. It is the ultimate theme park that entertains people all year. It also has a water park that offers LEGO-themed activities, such as water slides, LEGO building experiences, shows, and 60 other interactive rides.

You can purchase the tickets and passes online, and the prices start at AED 149 up to AED 210 per person. The best part? They give 20% savings if you book online in advance, and admissions for kids under three years old are free!

Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park


Zabeel Park is said to be one of the most renowned and wide-ranging parks in Dubai. It offers its visitors countless activities and attractions to make the best of their day.

Amusing Parks In Dubai To Stroll With Your Family & Friends

The Zabeel Park is spread over the area of approximately forty-five football fields, a rough estimate of around sixty acres. Its expanse really makes it exceptionally unique.

If you have a barbecue party in mind, consider this park the best spot for such occasions. It is a must-visit.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Amusing Parks In Dubai

The Al Mamzar Beach Park is yet another spacious outdoor park with five beaches and extensive grounds of grasslands. It is a wonderful place for a picnic with friends or family alongside the seashore.

Also, from the coastline of the park, splendid views of the Sharjah Lagoons can be sighted, making the entire experience more wholesome and thrilling.

Make sure that you spare a day to visit the park on your trip to Dubai.


Final Thoughts

Amusement parks in Dubai are mostly considered to be the best tourism spots in the UAE. Apparently, this makes Dubai one of the most desired cities to live in in the Middle East. So, if you are, indeed, considering living in Dubai for a few days or years, check out this list of apartments or houses to rent or buy in Dubai.