Creek Park Dubai
30 Apr, 2021

Creek Park Dubai: What You Need To Know

Creek Park Dubai: What You Need To Know. There’s no better way to welcome summers than to have fun outdoors and allow your skin to soak in the skin leaving you super tanned. And now that the sun is finally becoming distant, the fun is mandatory.

Outdoor means fun and fun means amusement parks, the most loved site by children on planet Earth. Especially in Dubai, with all the variety, the parks are too pleasant to spend time at.

Not to mention the diversity of activities they offer. From horse riding to balloon bursting to behold wildlife to enjoy a train ride, to water splashes to food courts, you name it, they have it.

Such is a park in Dubai, called the Creek Park Dubai, bringing persons of every age, fun-filled games and activities to make their day all the more interesting. To explore all it has to offer, read below.


With restaurants and grocery stores on either side, the Creek Park Dubai echoes with diversity. The park, stretching through several acres of land, is stationed at the core of the district.

Its building stands on the Al Riyadh St, West of Dubai Creek at Umm Hurair 2. And is, of course, located within Dubai.

Its location is as well renowned as the park itself.

Creek Park Dubai


The Creek Park Dubai has rapidly prevailed amongst the citizens of Dubai making it one of the most visited and celebrated parks of Dubai.

Every year it receives more than the average of visitors in contrast to other parks of Dubai and is one of the oldest recreational spots of Dubai.

Especially with the Dolphin Dolphinarium and the Dhow rides, the park has become a major tourist attraction and for all the right reasons.


Rules are something that has always concerned the Dubai authorities and with a rather strict approach. The Creek Park Dubai also implements a bunch of rules that are necessary to follow for entry into the park.

One of them being the ticket purchase. The Creek Park Dubai ticket prices are quite reasonable; only five AED per head allowing you to enjoy the best in the least amount possible.

The other regulation is timing. The Dubai Creek Park timings are to be strictly followed. From Sundays to Wednesdays, it observes an opening from 8 am – 10 pm, and 8 am – 11 pm from Thursdays to Saturdays.


When in Dubai Creek Park, be assured you will never run out of activities to keep yourself engaged. From mini-trains to cable cars, to multiple play areas to children’s city, your children won’t even have a minute to spare lest they miss out on all the fun.

Whereas for adults, the restaurants, bike lanes, and the barbecue area make up for the enjoyment.

Bottom Line

Having company with a friend or family member when visiting the Dubai Creek Park is awesome, for the fun is even better with a loved one.

Make sure your visit is planned within the Dubai Creek Park timings because no entry is allowed before or after the mentioned time. CHEERS!

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