DEWA Bill Payment Procedures
22 Jun, 2021

DEWA Bill Payment Procedures

Before settling in Dubai, there are several things you must look into so you can manage your life at a new place efficiently. For that, you need to educate yourself on Dubai’s water and electricity management.  Luckily, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is the sole entity that provides Dubai citizens with the basic need for electricity and water. The public service infrastructure company is a government entity that was launched in 1920. It is an easy way for people to make DEWA bill payments from the comfort of their homes.

Many might perceive paying the DEWA bill to be a complex procedure when its reality is quite simple. To resolve the many DEWA bill enquiries, FAQs are arranged to assist the people new to the system.

DEWA Bill Payment Procedures

What is the DEWA Objective?

DEWA is the sole provider of power and water in Dubai, and its major objective is to supply the people of Dubai with adequate water and electricity.

How Does DEWA Work for the Tenants?

The activation process of the tenants is made possible by issuing their EJARI. Without this, the tenants will not be able to be provided with the necessities by the state. Ejari is mandatory in Dubai to make sure all private rental contracts are drafted into legal documents and structured in the government-approved format.

Once Ejari is created, the tenants will automatically be connected to DEWA, as your account data will be given to the government. You will not be required to submit any formal documentation and can make the deposits online.  Read more about DEWA Quick Pay: What You Need To Know

You will receive an email or an SMS to make the necessary deposit to DEWA through the step-by-step procedure provided in the text. After bill payment, the service will automatically be activated.

Through What Methods Can DEWA Bill Payments Be Made?

There may be a chance that you do not receive the DEWA bill email or SMS. This should not be a reason for your concern. If you have registered for Ejari, you can go up to the nearest service center to make your DEWA bill enquiry

The customer support will assist you through the process of making an online and offline payment according to your preference.

How to Make Online and Offline Payments

For online payment, go to the DEWA bill official website and submit the required application. You will be further required to make an online payment through your card. Soon after, you will be notified of a successful transaction made by you.

Offline payments are made by going to your nearest DEWA service center. Fill the application form and make a deposit of your DEWA bill. You are provided with the security deposit receipt to ensure a safe deposit.

How Much is DEWA Security Deposit?

You will be required to deposit a fixed amount depending on your residence. For a residential villa, you will be required to pay AED 4000. Meanwhile, for a residential apartment, you will be required to pay AED 2000.

What are the Requirements for the DEWA Bill Application?

The DEWA bill application has a few mandatory portions to be filled by the residents of Dubai. Foreigners and locals alike can enjoy the services offered by the state-run company, DEWA.

The mandatory fields to fill are a valid Ejari for tenants and a title deed for owners. Their Emirates ID, trade license for industrial and commercial customers, and a passport copy for GCC nationals and investors are also major requirements. Read more about Passport Renewal Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide

Can DEWA Deposit Be Refunded?

A quick and easy procedure can refund the DEWA deposits. The world-leading organization in the money movement, Western Union, is associated with the DEWA services because of which refunds can be conveniently made. 

To collect your refunds, you can head over to the nearest Western Union location.

Requesting the DEWA bill payment refund must be done online, where you choose your preferred Western Union location as a pay-out option. Eventually, you will be notified to collect your deposit refund from your preferred Western Union location.

Can You Check the DEWA Bill Payments Online?

You only need your DEWA account number and your premise number to be able to access your bill payments online on the DEWA official website. 

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