DEWA Quick Pay
13 May, 2021

DEWA Quick Pay: What You Need To Know

New in Dubai? Or planning to move to the city? Pretty sure you already have a new community to live in. The terms of your room or property rental are between you and your landlord. But in case you wonder what are the available options for payment of your utilities, DEWA quick pay got you covered! Here’s what you need to know about it.

DEWA Defined

DEWA is the acronym of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. The government runs the electricity and water supply in the city of Dubai through DEWA. It is the sole provider of electricity and water supply in the city.

DEWA Quick Pay

Your DEWA Account

As soon as you move into Dubai, one of the most fundamental concerns would be the utilities and how you arrange to avail the services. Application for a DEWA account can be made either online or offline.

If you opt to open a DEWA account online, all you have to do is visit the DEWA website and secure an online application form.

Fill out and submit the details and other requirements, and wait for a confirmation email from DEWA. Should you prefer to apply in person or offline, go to your nearest DEWA office and submit your application.

DEWA Quick Pay

Now that you have successfully opened an account with DEWA, the next thing on the list is the payment options. Thanks to quick pay DEWA! It offers bill payment made easy and convenient. DEWA quick pay features different channels to choose from to pay for your electricity and water bill:

Quick Pay through DEWA app – This is paying the electricity and water bill at your fingertips. You can install this app on your mobile phone and be a few minutes away from paying your account.

Quick Pay through Official Website – This method offers the same convenience as the DEWA quick pay app. Log onto the site and key in the necessary details to view and pay your electricity and water bill.

Pay DEWA through EasyPay – Pay not just your electricity and water bill but also multiple bills. EasyPay DEWA can be accessed through the official website of DEWA. Other billing options under EasyPay DEWA are port sales payment and EV green charger bill, among others.

DEWA Quick Pay For A Friend

The DEWA quick pay for a friend is a service through the DEWA website that allows you to check and pay for your friend’s utility bill. You will only be asked for one thing: your friend’s DEWA account number.

And voila! Get the ease of paying for each other’s bills. Quick pay DEWA for a friend offers the same payment options as when you pay for your electricity and water bill.

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