Dubai Municipality
29 Mar, 2021

Dubai Municipality: From Humble Beginnings To Glory

Dubai Municipality, as one of the leading municipal organizations in the UAE, provides over 40 services to the city of Dubai, especially to those who are keen to live in Dubai.

And just last February 28, 2021, this leading government organization celebrated its 67th anniversary. You see, in the 1950s, this organization came from a humble beginning with a staff of seven to undertake simple tasks in developing the city.

On February 28, 1957, the municipality’s structure was formalized under a council of 23 traders for structuring and planning Dubai. Afterward, the Dubai municipality office was established in the Dubai Municipality Museum – Deira, which served as a municipality headquarters for seven years until 1964.

In 1961, Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum established the municipality council as an independent entity for overseeing the operations and creating policies. In 1980, Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid established the Municipal Council, constituting 32 members. The municipality office was then moved to Al Maktoum road.

The Dubai Municipality experienced a surge in growth from 32 members to a team of more than 12,000 employees in almost 34 departments. These departments in the municipality operate under six major sectors. The municipality was also digitalized in 2001 with services offered through to contact the organization easily.

Sectors and Services in the Dubai Municipality

Six sectors are operating almost 34 departments in the municipality. These sectors are the following:

  • Planning and Engineering Sector
  • Safety Control and Environment Health Sector
  • Partnership and International Affairs Sector
  • Public Health and Environment Services Sector
  • General Support Sector
  • Corporate Support Sector

And here are the following services provided by these sectors:

Infrastructure, Planning, and Building

  1. Land Planning, Allocation, and Compensation
  2. Surveys
  3. Building Permits
  4. Material Supplier Services
  5. Contractor/Consultant
  6. Geospatial Information
  7. Drainage & Irrigation


  1. Lab Services & Product Testing
  2. General Animal Care & Veterinary Services
  3. Permit and License Approval for Advertising and Trade
  4. Residential and Commercial fees
  5. Food Services & Testing
  6. Municipal Markets Services
  7. Sustainability of Public and Environment
  8. Waste Management
  9. Health & Public Safety
  10. Agricultural Services

Recreational Services

  • Beaches
  • Parks
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries

Dubai Municipality

In short, the Dubai Municipality is responsible for the supervision of construction as well as urban construction, regulation of the highest standards in building material and construction, laboratory accreditation and certification, and environment preservation.

The Municipality Centers

Here are the four most popular centers in Dubai – their services include providing permits, procedures, and requests within the municipality:

Al-Manara Center – Located in Al Manara Area, near Noor Bank Metro-Station.

Hatta Center – Located in Hatta Area, near Emirates NBD Bank.

Al-Kifaf Center – Located in Al Kifaf area, next to Al-Jafiliya Metro-Station.

Al-Twar Center – Located in Al Twar Area, beside Al-Qusais Metro-Station.

Recycling Centers

The Dubai municipality is also responsible for handling waste materials in the city. Across Dubai, many recycling centers manage almost 18 different types of waste materials. These waste materials include glass, leather, electronic waste, paper, metal, rubber, fabric, plastic, and even wood, etc.

In order to facilitate a smart material collection system, cameras, sensors, and audio equipment are also provided. The recycling centers operate 24/7.

Municipality of Dubai Location

The headquarter is located in Building # 20, Baniyas Road, Al- Rigga Area, Deira.

Dubai Municipality Contact #

Citizens can contact them at +971-4221-555-5, or 800-900.

Chatbot on their Web Portal

To address all the queries, Fares Chatbot is available on their website for contact.


Smart Applications

There are also various smart applications to serve you digitally on their web portal, such as the following:


  • Park and Beaches App
  • IDubai
  • Najm Suhail
  • Green Ticket App
  • Aleef App
  • Ramsatna
  • Kharetati App
  • Makani App
  • Dubai 24/7
  • Montaji
  • Dubai Coast

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