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14 Mar, 2021

Dubizzle Abu Dhabi

Dubizzle Abu Dhabi: Property Rental Market

Being the capital, Abu Dhabi is the most established emirate in the UAE with its far superior and dynamic economy. Also, it offers both residential and commercial aspects to interested tenants and buyers. Due to the higher interest of potential renters, the property demand in Abu Dhabi has shot up. However, new housing projects have developed to meet all economic groups’ requirements.

Dubizzle Abu Dhabi website www.abudhabi.dubizzle.com has analyzed the tenants’ interests and demands and published a comprehensive report about Abu Dhabi real estate market, which predicts stable rental property prices with minor fluctuations for the year 2020.

Some most sought-after areas in Abu Dhabi, such as Saadiyat Island, Al Reef, and Yas Island, experienced a slight increase in villas’ property rental prices. However, apartment prices have become more affordable for renters.

Coronavirus epidemic brought movement restriction in some areas of emirates that inclined the potential renters towards suburban areas and older districts of the main island.

We have further categorized the most sought-after rental properties into “apartments” and “villas”. Now let’s take a more detailed look at the Abu Dhabi market rent trends in 2020 to get a tailored view of the Abu Dhabi real estate market.

Dubizzle Abu Dhabi: Rental Apartments

Tenants looking for the most affordable apartment show their high volume of interest in the popular neighborhood listed below, according to the Dubizzle Abu Dhabi report.

  • First, Al Reem Island
  • Al Khalidiya
  • Al Muroor
  • Tourist Club Area (TCA)
  • Khalifa City A
  • Hamdan Street
  • Corniche Area
  • Al Nahyan
  • Mussafah
  • Al Raha Beach

The Al Reem Island – The Most Popular Island For Rental Apartments

It is the most popular neighborhood for renters searching for apartments, pointing towards its large number of amenities like schools, malls, parks, and other commercial centers.

As per the Dubizzle Abu Dhabi report, Al Reem apartments witnessed a minor decline of 2.4% for a 2-bedroom flat from AED 85k to AED 83k, whereas 1-bedroom apartment’s rent remained stable at AED 60k for 2020. However, studio rent remained around AED 45k.

Another popular area for a rental apartment in Abu Dhabi is Al Khalidiya. So, it is an older but well-established district that gives easy access to corniches, malls, and parks. The average rent for a studio apartment is AED 28k, for a 1-bed apartment AED 50k and AED 64k for 2-bedroom apartments.

Potential tenants also show a high volume of interest in other neighborhoods and suburban areas such as the Al Muroor, Al Nahyan, Corniche area, Khalifa City A, Mussafah, Al Raha Beach, Tourist Club Area, and Hamdan Street. These areas experience a slight fluctuation of 5% for rental property types.

Mohammed Bin Zayed City – Top Area For Rental Villas

Dubizzle Abu Dhabi report suggests that Mohammed Bin Zayed City is the most sought-after choice for prospective villa renters. MBZ city offers spacious villas with attractive amenities for its residents.

For 2020, the Mohammed Bin Zayed City witnessed a steady rent profile for villas. AED 90k for a 3-bedroom villa, AED 120k for a 4-bed villa, and 5-bedroom villas for AED 150k with a 7.1% increase in rent.

The second most coveted choice for potential villa renters is Khalifa City A. A 3-bedroom villa showed an increase in 8.3% rent, with an average of AED 130k, whereas 4 and 5-bedroom villas experienced stability in rent with an average of AED 138k and AED 155k, respectively.

Dubizzle Abu Dhabi island

As per Dubizzle Abu Dhabi stats, prospective renters also showed interest in off-island and suburban communities such as Al Samha, Al Reef, and Shakhbout City. The rental prices also witnessed stability in these areas.

Other top-rated areas for rental villas feature waterfront districts of Yas Island and Al Bateen as well as other established communities like Al Muroor or Al Mushrif, and Al Karamah.

All the communities mentioned above have different phases and projects that offer additional amenities to customers that may change these prices.

Disclaimer: The rental apartments and villas’ prices are based on the Abu Dhabi apartment, and villa rents on the dubizzle property by real estate agencies and are not representative of actual real estate rental transactions conducted in Abu Dhabi.