Riverland Dubai
03 May, 2021

Exploring Riverland Dubai & Its Famous Zones

Filled with exciting colors, Riverland Dubai is engulfed with magnificent beauty. It is famous for the theme park that is near to this destination. This location is popularly called the gateways of Dubai parks and resorts.

Riverland Dubai is a place of antiquity, diversity, and glamour. It is picturesque of four diverse areas of the world: The French Village, Boardwalk, India Gate, and The Peninsula.

The cobbled street, charming restaurants, and the meandering artificial river attract tourists from all over the world. The free access to Riverland Dubai parks and spots make it an affordable location for families and youngsters to relish the enchanting scenes of this place.

Indeed, the Riverland is the perfect weekend destination for the residents of Jebel A.

People who ask about the Riverland Dubai ticket price should know that the entrance fee of this area is free, but Riverland Dubai parks might have entrance charges. Now, let’s talk about its four famous attractions.

Famous Zones of Riverland Dubai

Let’s explore the four multi-cultured zones of Riverland Dubai, take a look at a glimpse of these great cities:

1. The Peninsula

The Peninsula is, indeed, the heart of Riverland Dubai. Surrounded by the river, it portrays the theme of 19th-century architecture with a great bridge attached to the piazza.

Its outdoor space provides you the opportunity to enjoy the concerts and festivals in the open air. Along with scenic beauty, you can relish the sumptuous meals of restaurants and bars right beside the river. Also, the glass-enclosed kid’s room makes this place a kid-friendly zone.

2. India Gate

With the colorful Asian architecture and bustling streets of Mumbai, India Gate welcomes you in royal glory with musicians and drummers at the entrance.

Picturing the traditional outlook of ancient India, you embark on the journey of Indian cultures, spices, and cuisines. Among Riverland Dubai Parks, the Bollywood park in Dubai pays homage to the Indian music and film industry. So, don’t forget to visit this mesmerizing place.

3. Boardwalk

Want to explore the early 1950s of America? Get ready to relive this period through the boardwalk and find out how America began modernizing its civilization.

The artists and jugglers on the boardwalks show the artistic love of the Americans. Plus, the palm trees that encompass this area create a scenic look, and the Motiongate theme park is a tribute to the Hollywood industry.

Also, this zone is famous for sweets and other yummies for kids. You’d regret it if you visit this place without dining.

4. The French Village

Riverland Dubai

If you want to experience the medieval French town of the late 1600s with European architecture, visit the French Village. The glamourous medieval towers, alleyways, water wheels, and pebbled bridges will soak in you.

Experience dining at ancient-themed restaurants and coffee shops, cunningly resembling the old France. The French Village is the best spot to buy gifts and paintings. There are also a lot of Riverland Dubai restaurants along the trek.

Remember that the entrance to Riverland Dubai is free. However, don’t forget to prepare for Riverland Dubai ticket prices for parks, like Bollywood Park, Hollywood Park, and Legoland Dubai.

We hope that this short guide will help you on your next venture to Riverland Dubai. And if you are planning to live in this mesmerizing city for a few days or longer, check out these fabulous apartments for rent in Dubai.

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