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16 Mar, 2021

How To Pay Abu Dhabi Fines Of Traffic Online

In the Capital city of the United Arab Emirates, traffic is a significant concern for most residents. Even drivers who possess great expertise in driving tend to get swarmed in the Abu Dhabi traffic. Due to this, they may end up with Traffic fines on a repeating basis. Paying these Abu Dhabi Fines may seem like a hassle to you, but don’t worry – the process is relatively simple and convenient. Not only so, but you cannot overlook the feeling of playing your part for your country as a responsible citizen. In this article, we will be discussing the procedure to pay Abu Dhabi Fines online from the comfort of your own home.

Where To Pay Abu Dhabi Fines Of Traffic Online?

There is no doubt that traffic laws are implemented to ensure all individuals’ safety, whether on vehicles or walking pedestrians. For this reason, there are several fines put in place to make sure these traffic laws are followed effectively.

These include monetary fines and black points on your driver’s license, but these punishments vary depending on the offense committed. An applaudable course of action by the government has been put in place to allow for the payment of Abu Dhabi Fines virtually, as a means to provide ease for UAE residents has been put in place.

Emirates Vehicle Gate

The Emirates Vehicle Gate Website and Smart Application are ways to pay Abu Dhabi fines of traffic online in Abu Dhabi. To use this website, it is necessary to register yourself. You may quickly pay the fines b clicking on ‘Pay traffic fines’ on the Home tab after doing so.

You will also notice that an option to view the outstanding files will appear. It is excellent to keep track of all your Abu Dhabi fines. Once you’ve tracked down the fine you wish to pay, you may proceed to pay it through your credit card.

For even more convenience, you can download the Emirates Vehicle Gate application directly on your phone. You can follow the same process to register yourself. Upon doing so, you can select the ‘Pay traffic fines’ option and proceed to pay the fine with the instructions that keep popping up.

Abu Dhabi Fines busted

Abu Dhabi Police Official Website And Application

Another way to pay Abu Dhabi Fines online is through the Abu Dhabi Police Official Website or its Application. The Abu Dhabi Police department creates it to create ease for residents to pay Abu Dhabi fines virtually.

The process is similar to that of the Emirates Vehicle Gate Website and Application. You must register yourself on the Abu Dhabi Police Official Website or Application first and then continue to pay the fines. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Pay Traffic Fines’ option present on the Abu Dhabi Police Official Website and Application services tab.

To find the Abu Dhabi fines of traffic that you wish to pay on the Abu Dhabi Police Portal, you may narrow your search. You can do this by directly searching based on a Vehicle’s driving plate number, traffic fine number, Emirates Identification number, or even your driving license number.


To pay your Abu Dhabi Fines of traffic from TAMM’s official website, click on the link stating, ‘vehicle and transportation.’ To find your traffic fine, however, you would need to have your Emirates Identification number as well as the registration number of your vehicle before you.

Once you’ve successfully proceeded with payment, a receipt will be emailed to you to keep as proof of income for the fine.

Ministry Of Interior Website And Application

You may also pay Abu Dhabi fines of traffic online from the ease of your home through the Ministry of Interior’s official website or application. You may quickly pay these fines through your credit card, through the clicks of a few buttons.

Upon reaching the website, click on the traffic and license service tab, where you may further direct you towards selecting fines that may appear on your record. After which, you may quickly pay these off.

Bottom Line

Just because you have been given a traffic fine does not mean you are a bad citizen of the country. In fact, by paying your fine on time and in the correct amount, you’re proving to be a responsible citizen who supports laws implemented by the state. To make your life simpler, revert to the ways mentioned above as a means to paying any Abu Dhabi fines of traffic or other relating things virtually and with ease.

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