Move permit Dubai
29 Apr, 2021

Move Permit Dubai: What You Need To Know

There is a list of things to do when deciding to move in or move out of Dubai. One of the most important things to secure is a move permit Dubai-wide.

The properties around Dubai, where it is applicable, require residents to get a move permit Dubai-wide before moving into a new area or moving out from a previous place. Here are the most fundamental things you need to know about the whys and hows of the moving permit in Dubai.

First off, the moving permit is not required in the entire Dubai. What areas require one? Check out this list of places in Dubai that mandates getting a permit when either entering a new community or leaving the old one:

  • Areas within central Dubai
  • Legacy Park areas
  • Areas in The Springs
  • Areas in The Meadows
  • Arabian Ranches areas
  • The areas within The Views
  • Dubai Marina areas
  • Areas within The Greens
  • Emirates Hills areas

If you plan to move in to or move out from any of these areas, obtaining a move permit Dubai-wide beforehand is highly suggested. Or if the area you want to move into or move out from does not belong to any on the list, there is no need to secure a moving permit.

Move permit Dubai

The Importance Of Securing A Move Permit Dubai-Wide

  1. Ease of Access. The first reason why a moving permit is necessary is to facilitate hassle-free moving in or out of the building. The moving permit in Dubai promises free and easy access into the new community or a stress-free move out of the previous community.
  2. Contact Directory. To secure a moving permit, old and new residents are required to keep their information updated. Thus, the moving permit supports the intention of keeping the landlords and community contact directory of all the residents.
  3. Effective Emergency Response. The registered information can be used to identify who needs what type of responses in cases of any evacuation emergency in the community. This is especially essential to residents who are a part of the persons of determination sector. They can be given priority in cases of emergencies.
  4. Property Management. The moving permit in Dubai is a crucial part of property management. Any damages caused within the common areas will be addressed appropriately, especially before a previous tenant moves out of the building or property.

How To Get A Moving Permit In Dubai?

As mentioned earlier in this post, several Dubai areas require a moving permit. Regardless of which among these areas you wish to move in to or move out from, here are the basic steps in getting the moving permit that you need:

  1. Click. The forms are made available online. All you have to do is to check out the particular community’s official website and obtain the online form.
  2. Fill-out. Online forms will require you to register some essential details like personal contact information, property-related information, and other necessary documents that have to be uploaded to the online system.
  3. Ready to move in or out. When all information has been completely submitted, the online systems can issue a move permit Dubai-wide as fast as one business day.

And voila! Welcome to your new home, or say goodbye to your old community.