Movement Permit Dubai
30 Apr, 2021

Movement Permit Dubai: Moving During Times of Pandemic

2020 was an absolutely unexpected year for everyone. Several repercussions were imposed on the global scale due to the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of these restrictions are still going on. As a resident in Dubai, it is essential to know these repercussions before stepping out of your homes.

The movement permit Dubai system has been launched and imposed to restrict people from going out of their homes unnecessarily to ensure their safety.

Due to the implementation of movement restrictions to combat the coronavirus, the movement permit in Dubai is a mandatory document to keep before stepping out to visit pharmacies, banks, hospitals, or buy groceries.

Here Are Some Conditions To Get Movement Permit Dubai

Tenants of Dubai can get a movement permit once in three days for the following reasons:

Grocery shopping: A movement permit is issued for grocery shopping only once every three days. If you request additionally for this purpose, that will be rejected.

Medical/ Pharmacy visits: Formerly, permits for this category were available but are restricted now. However, applicants can apply for the medical emergency category to get a permit for medical visits.

Cash withdrawal: Movement permit Dubai is issued for this category once every five days. This permit is issued for a time slot of only one hour. Applicants are restricted to their residential areas only during this time.

People can get a permit between 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM only and follow SOPs like wearing masks, gloves and maintaining a safe distance.

Applying For Movement Permit Dubai Wide

You can apply for the movement permit through Dubai Police official website. The procedure is straightforward to use, and minimal information is required for the movement permit.

Following are the things you need:

– Emirates ID

– Registration number of your car

– Driving license number

– Time slot for which you want to travel

Movement Permit Dubai

Services Exempted From Movement Permit Dubai

Some of the sectors and services are exempted from the movement restrictions. Employees of the following services can move 27/7 and do not need a movement permit while going out for their duties. However, they should carry their labor card, Emirates ID, and employer’s letter for their need to work. This letter should be presented to relevant authorities when asked and can be used for the violations recorded through the radar.

Exempted sectors and services are:

– Restaurants (for home delivery services only)

– Food supply outlets (groceries, supermarkets, Union Cooperative outlets)

– Delivery services (for medicine and food)

– Media sector

– Industrial sectors (limited to vital industries only)

– Healthcare providers, medicine manufacturers, and medical supplies

– Maintenance services

– Laundry services (permitted outlets only)

– Social welfare services

– Banking services and exchange centers

– Support services and sectors (employees can work from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM)

– Telecommunications sector

– Airports, ports, airlines, and shipping services

– Electricity and water services, gas and petrol pumps, and district cooling services

– Border crossings and custom duty

– Security services (private or public)

– Industrial supply chain for essential commodities and services

– Public and private municipality services (sewerage management, garbage collection, general sanitization, and cleaning)

– Organizations involved in services of combating COVID-19 either, public or private

– Public transport (taxis and buses only)

– Construction sector (after getting a permit from Permanent Committee for Labour Affairs and Dubai Municipality)

Adjusting yourself to the circumstances in times of pandemic is really hard; however, together, they can bring change. You can ask for any specific situation for moving from one place to another. Call the hotline 800 737 648 for further help and queries.

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