Pakistani passport subject for renewal
17 Jun, 2021

Passport Renewal At The Embassy Of Pakistan In Dubai

There are several reasons why Pakistanis are moving from Pakistan to Dubai, UAE. Topping the list is the primary reason for advancing their careers or seeking opportunities for professional growth.  Proof of the growing numbers of Pakistanis in the UAE, especially in Dubai, is the thriving of several Pakistani schools and restaurants. If you are a Pakistani who relocated to Dubai, this article may come in handy for you when processing your Pakistan online passport renewal in the Pakistan embassy Dubai. 

Dubai is undeniably the most preferred second home for Pakistanis. The Embassy of Pakistan in Dubai is doing so well in looking after the welfare of Pakistanis in the city. Read about  Pakistan Consulate Dubai: Get A Passport

Here’s a guide to your Pakistan online passport renewal. 

Pakistan Online Passport Renewal – Required Documents 

Here is the list of documents required by the Pakistan Embassy in Dubai when you apply for a renewal of your Pakistani passport online: 

  • A colored scanned copy of your valid Computerized National Identification Card (CNIC).
  • A colored scanned copy of both sides of your valid Smart Card or National Identification Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP).
  • Colored scanned copies of the first two pages and one random page of your current passport.
  • A colored scanned copy of your valid visa.

For minor Pakistani online applicants who are 18 years old and below, the Pakistan Embassy in Dubai will require the additional documents listed below: 

  • Colored scanned copies of the minor’s Family Registration Certificate.
  • A colored scanned copy of the minor’s computerized B-form if there is no Smart Card.
  • Colored scanned copies of both sides of the parents’ CNIC.
  • If the minor’s parents are separated, a colored scanned copy of the guardianship certificate or the court decision.
  • Colored scanned copy of Minor Attestation Form that can be downloaded from the portal
  • In case one of the minor’s parents is deceased, a colored scanned copy of the death certificate 

To validate your identification, the Pakistan Embassy Dubai portal will require you to upload the following:

  • Your latest photograph of not less than 5MB in size 
  • Your fingerprint form of not less than 3MB in size 

Here are important tips for facilitating a smooth Pakistan online passport renewal application in the Pakistan Embassy Dubai portal:

  • Except for the photograph and fingerprint form, all colored scanned copies of the required documents must not exceed 1MB in size.
  • The online system only accepts files in JPG, JPEG, or PNG formats.

Online Passport Renewal Application Steps

The good thing about passport renewal applications for Pakistanis in Dubai is that the Pakistan Embassy processes the renewal completely online. As soon as you have completed all the steps, your new passport will be delivered to your home address within 14 days for regular applications and seven days for express applications.  

Here’s how:

  • Open the Pakistan Embassy in Dubai online portal > Click ‘Get Started’ > Then click Create New Account. 
  • Create a passport renewal application and key in your passport delivery address.
  • Pay the passport renewal fees required either through your debit or credit card.
  • Type in your details, including your present and permanent address.
  • Upload all the documents above according to your category.
  • Remember to review all the details to avoid errors before signing the declaration and submitting your application.

Pakistan Online Passport Renewal Fees

Depending on the validity of the passport and the number of pages that you applied for, fees vary. For a 5-year validity, regular processing fees range from AED 129 – AED 200. For express applications, fees range from AED 176 – AED 340. Read about Pakistani Rupees to AED: What You Need To Know

For a 10-year validity, regular application fees range from AED 185 – AED 312, and for express processing, applications cost between AED 270 – AED 565. 

The online passport renewal Pakistan has been made very convenient for Pakistanis in Dubai that it can be just a click away. 

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