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05 May, 2021

Know What You Should Know Before Buying Portable Pools

Who does not enjoy a rich swim in a pool on a hot summer day? The truth is that we all do. A pool can mean moments of relaxation and share with the people we love the most. However, not all families have the possibility of having a swimming pool at home . But what would you think if we told you that today you have the opportunity to have portable pools at home?

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know before buying some of the great removable pools of 2021.

What Are Portable Pools?

Removable pools, as their name indicates, are those that fulfill the function of storing large amounts of water; but unlike inground pools, these can be disassembled and stored after they have been used.

At present, you can find different models and types of pools as we will see later. Each one of them adapts to the needs and capacities of the various fields.

They are suitable and special for hot summer days, in Spain, it has become a profitable business; in addition to one of the forms of recreation preferred by the smallest of the house.

Advantages Of Portable Pools

Having a removable pool at home has great advantages, especially when it comes to spending pleasant moments with the family. Children enjoying a good bath, as well as adults, can be one of the best ways to have a good time as a family.

Among the main advantages of having a portable pool are:

  • The installation of these pools is extremely easy and simple
  • They can be easily installed anywhere it will easily fit
  • Large removable pools can be installed in locations where it would be impossible to have a traditional pool
  • After using it – especially in summer times – you can disassemble and disassemble it to save it for the following season.
  • You can save large amounts of money as removable pools are much cheaper than buying a traditional pool.
  • You can choose between the different types and models of swimming pools that exist today
  • After buying one of these pools, its maintenance is extremely simple

removable pools

Cons Of Portable Pools

Having a pool of this type also has some aspects that can be considered as cons; which we will see below:

  • Pools of this type do not obey an aesthetic approach, the environment where it is to be installed
  • Similarly, these types of pools have standard accessories to purify water, unlike traditional pools that have special equipment for water filtration and treatment.
  • removable pool is not durable or of great quality unlike a traditional pool
  • portable pool does not have the same flexibility in the face of the phenomenon of customization as a traditional pool act

Types of Pools

removable pools

Thanks to technological progress, today we can have different types of removable pools, among which we can mention:

Sheet Pools

This type of pool has a metal structure on a steel wall, among its main characteristics it is going to be very safe and durable.

Wood Pool

They are ideal for having cozy and warm environments in the gardens. The wood used to build these pools is specially treated to withstand the wear and tear caused by water.

Plastic Pools

These parts are the easiest to install, most of them require electric inflation and are very inexpensive.

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