Saint Mary’s Catholic Church Dubai UAE (1)
21 Jun, 2021

Saint Mary’s Catholic Church Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE, is home to varying religions and nationalities. This diversity is sealed by the people of this metropolitan with acceptance of the differences, making it a peaceful and harmonious city for all.  Read about Dubai Municipality: From Humble Beginnings To Glory The Catholic community is one of the many faiths that make up the city today. It has etched a part of Dubai since its foundation as a gem city of the Middle East. The Saint Mary’s Catholic Church Dubai UAE was the first Catholic church in the city that was built in 1967. 

Since 54 years ago, the church holds the title of the biggest parish community in Dubai. Here’s a closer look at St. Mary’s Catholic Church and a glimpse of its rich history in preserving the Catholic faith in the city.

Saint Mary’s Catholic Church Dubai UAE (1)

The Foundation of Saint Mary´s Catholic Church Dubai, UAE

In 1962, the UAE began its oil-exporting industry. In the same year, the only established church for the Catholic community in the region was the Sacred Heart Parish in Bahrain. 

The priests from this city would travel once a month to Dubai to celebrate masses and perform other holy orders. And since there was no Catholic church at that time, celebrations were held at home.

Since there was a growing population of Catholic faithful in Dubai, they persevered that a permanent place of worship must be established and a resident priest must be assigned to lead the church.  Read more about Multiple Things To Do In Abu Dhabi

And on May 25, 1966, the then Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE, Sheikh Rashid, laid the foundation stone for the first-ever Catholic church in the city – the St. Mary’s Catholic Church Dubai UAE.

The Saint Mary’s Catholic Church Dubai UAE Today

The St. Mary’s Catholic Church Dubai UAE was reconstructed in 1988, which changed its outbuildings. It had the main church and a school building, and following its renovation, the church has its staff quarters and offices for the priests, nuns, and church workers. 

The St. Mary’s Catholic Church Dubai UAE that we know today has a charming little shop where you can buy religious items and souvenirs. The church now also has a Ceasars-operated canteen, courts, and auditorium for leisure and sports. 

In over 50 years, the St. Mary’s Catholic Church Dubai UAE has played a vital role in preserving the practices and traditions of the Catholic faith by being in service to more than 500,000 members of the community in the city. 

The then small prayer hall has become the largest parish in Dubai and is celebrating masses in over twelve languages – Arabic, Filipino, English, Tamil, French, and Portuguese, among others. 

How To Get There

Location: Oud Metha Road, opposite the Indian High School

The St. Mary’s Catholic Church Dubai UAE is very accessible by all forms of transport links. You can take the metro on the green line and stop by the Oud Metha Terminal. Several buses can get you there – 28, 44, C7, C18, F18, and X23 buses, among others. 

Saint Mary’s Catholic Church Dubai UAE Timings

Since the church conducts masses in a wide variety of languages, you may inquire through the church’s office about the specific timing of your preferred language. They can be reached by phone at +971-4-3358504 and +971-4-3370087, or send them an email at [email protected]

If visiting the St. Mary’s Church Dubai UAE is one of your itineraries; the church is open from Monday to Sunday, 5:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

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