Shawarma Near Me The Best Shawarma in Sharjah
20 Jun, 2021

Shawarma Near Me: The Best Shawarma in Sharjah

Among the wide variety of street foods in the Middle East, Shawarma is the most popular and is considered a staple food. If you are living in Sharjah, get your taste buds ready while browsing through this article. 

Here are top places where you can enjoy the best shawarma in Sharjah:

Laffah Cafeteria in Al Majaz

Location: Ground Floor, Al Hikma Building, Street 29, Al Majaz, Sharjah

Price: AED 20

Strategically located in Al Majaz, Laffah Cafeteria serves a great selection of timeless chicken and meat shawarmas. 

This simple cafe also serves burgers and sandwiches to add to the variety, but the place is popular among residents because of its shawarma specialties. In Laffah Cafeteria, you can choose to enjoy your shawarma the way you want it to be served: plated, saj, or served as a meal with fries. It also sells shawarma per kilo.

Shawarma Near Me The Best Shawarma in Sharjah

Falafil Mazra Cafeteria in Al Soor

Location: Opposite King Faisal Saudi Mosque, Street 2, Al Soor, Sharjah

Price: AED 10

Serving chicken and mutton variations, Falafil Mazra Cafeteria is one of the go-to’s in Sharjah. They serve the most affordable dishes of this type in town for as low as AED 5.25!

Aroos Damascus in Al Nud

Location: Opposite Emirates NBD, Near First Gulf Bank, King Abdul Aziz Street, Al

Nud, Sharjah

Price: AED 50

Bring your craving to the next level of dining experience in Aroos Damascus. Not only do they serve the best shawarma in Sharjah, but they also offer al fresco dining and are one of the top restaurants in town. 

They serve a great variety of dishes like mixed grills and salads, burgers, and sandwiches, but they are most popular for their best-tasting shawarmas. Aroos Damascus’ shawarma sandwich is a must-try when in Sharjah. 

They also serve shawarmas for larger appetite customers. Enjoy your shawarma with side dishes such as hummus for a heavier meal.

Farouj Fawaz in Al Majaz

Location: Opposite Al Majaz Park, Jamal Abdul Nasser Street, Al Majaz, Sharjah

Price: AED 40

Farouj Fawaz is among the top restaurants in Sharjah that serve the most delicious variations – the classic beef and chicken are bestsellers! Not only does it offer the best-tasting shawarma in town but also sells them affordably. 

For as low as AED 7, you can enjoy a  sandwich or a plated shawarma. Sides are also on offer. Choose from a great variety of side dishes to pair with your sumptuous plate like cheese, rice, or hummus for as little as AED 30.

Eat Route in Abu Shagara

Location: Bab Dijlah Cars Service Station, Opposite Tasheel, King Abdul Aziz Street,

Abu Shagara, Sharjah

Price: 45

Enjoy it in different sizes fitting for all types of appetite at Eat Route. With prices that start at AED 7, you get to have one of the best shawarmas in Sharjah. Plated shawarma, which is served bigger, is priced affordably between AED 12 and AED 17. 

Eat Rout is home to one of the most delicious Arabic shawarma in Sharjah. Truly delicious and rich in flavors! If you are residing in one of the apartments in Abu Shagara, the restaurant is just nearby.

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