Tenancy Contract
28 Apr, 2021

A Tenancy Contract Accommodations

A tenancy contract is an agreement between two parties. It is a binding contract that allows two parties to share their deals and instructions. It helps the legal parties to make a secure and valid contract.

The purpose of the contract is to provide benefit to both parties, and it specifies a contract purpose and period of time. It lists all the rules and regulations of the contract that both parties agree and set for the entire work period. It stables all the functions and the purposes of the agreement. Accommodation to every party is required, and it helps to establish the accommodation lease agreement.

For a successful contract, it is essential to set all the agreement party’s rules proofs. There are some critical points on which you should focus to have a perfect residence lease agreement.

Tenancy Contract

Variables Of The Tenancy Contract

  1. Your property must be verified by the listing, which provides the agreement of Dubai’s verifiable property.
  2. Ensure that the landlord who is making the agreement and selling the property is the owner of that company. There are many scams that a property dealer could do with you. Like he may not own the land or take all the money from you. In return, he submits fake documents, so make sure to bring the agreement.
  3. You must have all the proofs of the payment and all the services of accommodation of the residence lease agreement.
  4. Prepare the bills and have the billing receipts with you while proceeding with the tenancy agreement.
  5. Have assistance from the real state of the bank. It will help you to obtain a licensed proof and documents with you, encouraging you to sign an accommodation lease agreement.
  6. Request the broker’s card from your banker. It will provide you security for the tenancy contract. Show them all the rules of the receipts to make your identity a valid one.

Tenancy Contract Accommodations

Make sure to have the visit to the property you are going to sign. Never rely on the owner’s words. Go yourself and confirm the location. If you can not ask for the pictures and the videos, we are living in the digital era… do not compromise on such things.

The essential thing about the residential lease agreement is that the owners must sign the contract by themselves. You must not compromise for the assistance’ signature or contract by someone else. Do not pay any fee until you get the keys from the agency.

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