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15 Jun, 2021

Tenancy Contract Registration Ejari At Al Barsha Mall

Al Barsha Mall offers the registration process for Ejari easily. Ejari is a legal method through which the contract between a landlord and tenant can be regulated properly. This process was established in 2007 and has been mandatory ever since. That has to do with the positive application of the entire process. 

If you wish to know about Ejari Al Barsha Mall and where you can get registered for it, then stay tuned.

al barsha mall

Why is Registering for Ejari Necessary?

Ejari ensures that everyone involved in the rental agreement is protected. Without the presence of such a law, there will be ways of landlords and tenants taking advantage of one another. Ejari ensures that there is balance and prevents the possibility of disputes between the parties that are involved in the process.

Where Can You Get Registered for Ejari?

Registering for Al Barsha Mall Ejari is no difficult task. It requires you to collect all your relevant documents and submit them through the online platform, the Ejari app, or a typing center.

The Al Barsha Mall RTA is a popular location to get this done. When it comes to the registration details, you must know that there is a cost that comes with this, which we will discuss more below.

What are Typing Centers?

Before getting to the process for registration for Ejari Al Barsha Mall, you should know what a typing center is in general. It is a government-registered platform through which private organizations are able to process different types of documents, including work permits, visa applications, Ejari, and more. Read about Freelance Visa Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

What is the Process for Registration at Al Barsha Mall Typing Center?

When it comes to the process for registration, it is necessary for you to know that the landlord is required to register for the Ejari. The process requires the landlord to ensure that they get all the relevant documents for the registration. Typically, you will find that the landlord reaches out to a real estate agent to get this done. Read more about Real Estate: All The Keys To Better Understand This Sector

The other part of the registration lies on the tenant. Typically, the tenant has to pay the fees for the registration to the landlord or the real estate agent, depending on the chain of communication. The cost for the registration comes out to be AED 220.

Al Barsha Mall RTA is from 9 am to 3 pm, and then it continues its operations from 9 pm to 1 am. Make sure that you meet the Al Barsha Mall RTA so that you can get the process done in time.

What is the Renewal Process?

The renewal process for the Ejari is essential, so you must make sure to keep an eye out for the expiration date. The process is simple as you will only need to ensure that you get the renewal done through the Ejari app available. It is more convenient for landlords as it allows them to get done with everything online.

Does Registration Take Long?

The registration process does not take too long. Once you have submitted all of the completed documents, you will find that it takes up to a maximum of 2 days to get the Ejari Al Barsha Mall certificate. 

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