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04 May, 2021

The Best Wooden Houses Prices In Spain

In recent times, prefabricated wooden houses have emerged as a great alternative. First of all because of the high cost of conventional homes ; as well as the great demand for housing as a result of the current economic problems.

Thanks to the increase in demand for cheap wooden houses, today we have a wide range and models to choose from. Its price, structure and quality vary according to the models you prefer; Follow us in reading and know which are the most sought after.

wood houses

Wooden House Models Prefabricated Prices

Currently there are a large number of models of wooden houses prices ; which will vary depending on the type of house, among others we have:

Portable Homes

The portable cheap wooden houses are also known as mobile homes; and they are those that deserve to be taken to the field where they have to be installed later. These houses are made entirely in a factory.


The so-called modular houses are structured and manufactured in modules , which are moved to the ground and assembled there. Unlike portable homes, these can provide better finishes than portable homes.

Container Homes

These are manufactured through steel containers also called maritime containers. These containers are shaped like blocks , which allow the creation of different environments.

House Models According To The Type Of Material

We can also find different models of houses according to the type of material, let’s see the best:

Wood Houses

This is one of the best options when it comes to manufactured homes; This is because they have good aesthetics, as well as good thermal and acoustic insulation. We offer you the best wooden houses prices in all of Spain.

Precast Concrete

Unlike prefabricated wooden houses, those made from concrete are very resistant and durable. Both its installation and manufacturing is done quickly, and they do not require much maintenance unlike wooden houses – for example -.

Advantages of Buying Cheap Prefabricated Homes

Buying cheap prefabricated houses brings great advantages, among which we can mention:

  1. The money savings are substantial, unlike traditional houses.
  2. Construction time is much faster
  3. The energy consumption is generally lower

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