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17 Mar, 2021

Travel Made Easy With UAE Nol Balance Card

With the RTA Nol card getting around UAE is no longer a hassle. The Nol card allows travelers to pay for rides electronically in any public transport facility in UAE. That means that travelers can now use buses, trams, ferries, taxis, metro, and other transport facilities and pay for all of them using a single Nol card. The best thing is that you don’t need to carry around cash and lose the chance to pay for transport because the Nol card enables seamless electronic payment. Travel Made Easy With UAE Nol Balance Card

Essential Information About Nol Card

Almost all public transport in the UAE now requires people to pay using a Nol card. This card is a smart card used to tap in and tap out at the bus and metro stations and automatically delivers for rides at check-in.

One great thing about these cards is that users can conveniently top-up their nol balance online or at any bus or metro station in the UAE. So, these cards are an excellent option for people who need to commute daily to school and work.

It is also a very economical option for tourists who would like to tour the UAE but need to watch their budgets. With the nol card, they can easily visit many of Dubai’s landmarks without paying too many transport fares. And if they run out of nol balance at any point during their tour, all they need to do is head to the nearest office to top up on nol credit.

nol balance card

The Different Categories of Nol Card

To make things even more convenient for commuters, the RTA provides a range of Nol cards. The categories include red, silver, gold, personal, and customized. Each card has a different price and nol balance limit.

People can choose the card type that is most suitable for their transport needs. The details of each card category are as follows:

  • Red Nol Card: This card is perfect for a one-time or one-day trip. It is a good option for visitors who will only be in the UAE for a few days. It is also a life-saver for anyone who has forgotten their regular nol card and needs one immediately for a necessary trip.
  • Silver Nol Card: This card is for frequent commuters who travel around the city often. You can get it for 25 AED, and users can top up their nol balance to a maximum of 1000 AED at a time.
  • Gold Nol Card: Through the gold Nol card you get first-class seats on all public transport using this card. You can purchase it for 25 AED, and the maximum nol balance limit is 500 AED.

Special Nol Cards

You can also purchase a personal note card, especially if you need to travel on a daily basis. The best feature of this card is that you never have to lose out on nol balance.

If you ever misplace your card and it had a large amount of Nol balance in it, don’t worry. You may get a replaced one and reclaim the nol balance you lost without any problem.

But that’s not all! You also have the option to get yourself a special custom-built nol card. To get this card, apply for it online on the official RTA website, and you will get a card made according to your individual needs and preferences. The full nol balance that you can add to this card at one time is 1000 AED.

Conclusion-nol balance

Seriously, the nol cards are the most convenient way to get about town in the UAE. You can purchase any nol card of your preference and refill your nol balance online or at the station whenever you want.

That’s it! You can ride a taxi, go across the bay on a ferry, or travel to any corner of UAE in this metro with the RTA nol card.

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