Mapa Catastral
22 Apr, 2021

What is the Cadastral Map and What is its Function?

The first thing to be clear about is that the Cadastre is an administrative registry that has all the information related to the different real estate that is in Spain, this registry depends directly on the Ministry of Finance.

Thanks to the Cadastre, citizens, especially if they are working in the real estate field, will be able to inquire about the physical, legal and economic characteristics of each and every one of the properties found within Spanish territory. In these records, you can find data such as the surface, the years of construction, location, and delimitations, all this by means of cadastral cartography.

What is the Cadastral Map?

Among all the information that we can get in the Cadastre will be the cadastral map, this document is nothing more than the description and graphic, literal, numerical, and statistical representation of each of the lands of the national territory, in which the location and their limits.

In other words, the cadastral map is a plan of a specific city or area, in this plan, the location and all the geographical limits of each of the individual properties of said area are shown, through official cartography.

The function of the same is that the Cadastre has true and real control of each of the real estate within Galicia, Aragon, Barcelona, ​​Madrid,  and, in general, within all of Spain.

Is the Cadastral Map Public or Private?

What Is The Cadastral Map And What Is Its Function?

Unlike the cadastral value, which can only be consulted by the property owner , the cadastral map is totally public, so anyone will have access to it, which makes it an excellent tool for real estate agents , all this at through the electronic headquarters of the General Directorate of Cadastre.

It is important to bear in mind that each of the properties that are on the cadastral map will have an identification number that will be unique for each one, with the intention of differentiating them from each other, which is called a cadastral reference.

It will have a total of twenty digits, with numbers and letters, these will be determined by the Land Registry Service taking into consideration a series of parameters:

  • First 5 digits refer to the location of the parcel.
  • 2 following refer to the specific property.
  • Other 7 digits represent the cadastral map in which the parcel is located.
  • Following 4 indicate the precise floor within the property.
  • The last 2 will be control digits, which will serve to validate the previous information.

As we mentioned previously, the cadastral map will serve to keep a legal and truthful control of all real estate that is within Galicia, Aragon, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, in general, within the entire Spanish territory, without exception, and that is why that have their respective cadastral reference.

What is the Cadastral Value?

We have already talked about the cadastral map and the cadastral reference, which allows us to quickly identify all the characteristics of a certain property, even being able to know its value, which is known as cadastral value.

To determine this value, it performs an appreciation taking into account a series of parameters, among which are the location, the state of the property, the years of construction, the existence of common areas, the materials used for construction, if they have been carried out reforms in the property since it was acquired.

To all the aforementioned must be added the market value that said property will have at the specific time that the appraisal is made.

Anyone who wants to know the value of a certain home, whether it is in Aragon or Galicia , can do so simply by accessing the virtual Cadastre, once inside, the only thing that the person has to do is enter their data and the reference. cadastral of the property.

There is also the option of calling the Cadastre office that corresponds to each municipality or going directly in person to said offices in each locality and requesting the cadastral map, cadastral reference or whatever is available to the Cadastre.