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16 Mar, 2021

Why You Need To Get The UAE Smart Pass

The UAE Government is well-known for its futuristic vision to harness technology’s power to provide world-class facilities for its citizens. With this vision in mind, the UAE Pass has been launched by the government in place of the old Smart Pass so that citizens from across the nation can access more than 5000 services just by downloading the UAE Pass App on their phones.

The app streamlines the whole process to avail services from any corner of the country without visiting an office. It is an excellent initiative because now you can use amenities without any hassle, like getting a token and waiting hours in line for your turn.

The UAE Pass

The UAE Pass is the first of its kind of national digital identity. By becoming a part of this network, users get their own unique digital identity remotely verified by the system.

Once your identity is verified, you can easily access all kinds of government services through a single account. Unlike the previous UAE Smart Pass, you don’t need to create a new user ID or password whenever you access a different government e-service because you can use them all through one UAE Pass account.

These innovations are a massive improvement on the previous Smart Pass because you don’t need to make physical visits to government offices anymore to avail of necessary services or sign important documents.

The government has phased out the old Smart Pass and introduced the UAE Pass in its place for this very reason. In this way, the government can help the citizens 24/7. People don’t need to travel long distances and buy token numbers to book their government offices’ appointments. They can reach out for any service from the comfort of their homes.

UAE Pass In Comparison To Smart Pass

With the old Smart Pass, citizens could use some government services, change their Emirates ID number and keep track of their previous transactions.

But the new UAE Pass is a massive upgrade because it has made the whole process so much easier and added more facilities that the Smart Pass did not include.

For example, with the new pass, you can digitally sign important documents, especially when you don’t have time to travel. And this signature is considered legally binding, which is not an option that the previous Smart Pass gave its users.

Another new feature that the old Smart Pass did not offer is paying electricity, water, and gas bills online. Users can also file a residency application if they are not permanent citizens through the new pass, so that’s a definite improvement on the older Smart Pass.

Registration Process

To register for the UAE Pass, you need to follow this procedure. Firstly, you must download the UAE Pass app and scan your Emirates ID card. If the system verifies your card, you will receive a confirmation email which will allow you to proceed ahead. It would be best if you created a secret PIN now.

After setting up the PIN, go to your nearest UAE Pass kiosk to complete the registration process. It is a one-time visit, after which you will have complete remote access to all facilities.

At the kiosk, you don’t need to get a unique token or slip to use the machine. Just put your Emirates ID card in the designated machine slot. Further, follow the instructions on the screen for biometric verification, which will include finger-printing. That’s it; you can now use the new pass!

If you are still using the outdated Smart Pass, don’t worry because you can easily convert your Smart Pass into the new UAE Pass by merely clicking on the Upgrade option. Make sure you get the new pass because the citizens can no longer use the Smart Pass after December 2020.

List Of Services Provided

smart pass

Compared to the Smart Pass, the UAE Pass provides a much more extensive list of services than ever before. Instead of visiting each of the government offices in-person or getting in line to get a token at a service center, the users can now conveniently enjoy facilities provided by more than 80 government agencies.

Some of these agencies are listed below:

  • Ministry of Education
  • Dubai Health Authority
  • Etisalat
  • Federal Electricity and Water Authority
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Department of Tourism Development
  • Police
  • Roads and Transport Authority
  • Post
  • Customs

If you wish to contact these service providers, the user needs to log in to the app. The service provider will need to verify whether that the user is genuine. If the user is real, then the system will provide the user with an access token. With this token, the user can avail their desired service.

300 Kiosks Available- Smart Pass

For citizens’ convenience, the government has set up over 300 kiosks worldwide so that citizens can change their Smart Pass into the UAE Pass. You may find these kiosks in all seven states, and you don’t need a token slip to use these machines to complete your registration process.


Since the new pass has so many benefits, all citizens must upgrade from the Smart Pass by following a simple registration process that doesn’t involve getting any token at a government office to complete the procedure. The UAE cares about ensuring smooth service provision to all citizens!

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