How Frementa works for Agents

As the World Changes,right textso Should You
Register as a Frementa Agent and become your own CEO
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How FrementaWorksright textfor Real Estate Agents and Professionals?
Expand your portfolio bysearchingright textfor the best properties in your area

Using Frementa’s PROFESSIONAL plan benefits you can search for new properties to sell and invite homeowners with a single click. If your invite is accepted, the property will immediately be added to your portfolio.

With one click you can send an invite to a homeowner, if accepted that property will be added to your account.

Focus on selling and sell more often. The more properties you sell through Frementa, the better reputation you earn on the site and among homeowners.

Make Efficient use
of your time
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  • Define your available hours to display properties and make the best use of your time.
  • Answer less calls with Frementa. Using Frementa clients can schedule visits to the properties with couple of click and new events will be added to your agenda automatically.
  • Choose to show properties only to clients who are truly interested in buying or renting.
  • Connect your calendar so that customers can schedule visits automatically according to their availability
  • Check notifications of new visit requestions without answering an email or waiting for your phone to ring.
Build a Reputation and add top properties to your portfolio

testMany Opportunities

Frementa shows your profile to homeowners looking to sell or rent their property and even displays your history of sales on the site.

testGuaranteed Reputation

Through posititve reviews and consistent ratings, any real estate professional can build a reputation through Frementa and gain access to sell top properties across the world.

testDirect Сommunication

With Frementa.com you don’t need your own website; potential clients and homeowners will be able to contact you directly via phone, email or whatsapp depending on your preferences.

Earn more than ever and enjoy your free time
You can define your own commissions on the sale of any property or of the monthly rent amount if a property is rented. Set your own hours and decide when you want to show properties to potential clients.
Make a living working from home long after your friends and family have gone back to work doing what you love!
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Make use of Frementa’s interactivedashboardright textdesigned for real estate pros
Using a dashboard designed for real estate professionals you’ll be able to track all relevant aspects of your business including:
  • The number of sales closed
  • Commissions earned
  • Scheduled visits
  • Outstanding offers
  • Response and Conversion Rates
  • Free time index.
    - and More!
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The Sales Process isEasier thanright textEver!
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  • Put your sales on auto-pilot: track sales proposals, automate visits confirmations, forget about reminders with potential customers.
  • Frementa will do everything for you!
  • Running your own real estate business and interacting with real, reputable clients has never been easier.