How Frementa works for Clients

5 easy steps
Buy or Lease Properties
Using Frementa

Your account
the property you like
a visit without a single call
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Easily Compare and Evaluate Real Estate Professionals

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  • Frementa can be used to compare and evaluate reputable real estate professionals prior to making a purchasing decision
  • We understand that selecting an experienced professional to represent your property is a crucial decision.
Frementa Values Transparency

Don’t Worry

With Frementa you never have to worry about agency fees, double work or duplicate listings

You Can Browse Reviews

Prior to selecting a real estate professional to represent your property you’ll be able to browse reviews

You Can Compare Working

Compare working conditions to ensure that you’re never suprised when it comes time to buy or lease

Arrange visits directly with the Owner without calls

With Frementa system, you can schedule your visits directly with the owner without a need for calls

When the owner confirms the meeting, you will receive a notification to your account along with the email with the property address

With Frementa system the entire process is done directly on our website

Did You Like a Property?

When you come across a property that you like, you’ll be able to make an online offer directly through Frementa for the owner’s review.

Express for your interest for a property without building a relationship with the seller or making time consuming phone calls. With Frementa your dream property could be just a click away.

Connect your Google Calendar and receive automatic visit updates

By connecting your Google Calendar, you can receive visit updates automatically on your calendar.

Organize your time in the best way.

HaveTOTAL controlover the purchase or rental process

Many Opportunities

With the Frementa system, you can schedule visits, make online offers, and schedule real time bookings

Online Process

The whole process is done completely online which means you won’t need to leave your home to meet with an agency.

Direct Connect

Connect directly with real estate professionals and homeowners who are ready to sell or rent using Frementa’s easy to use platform!

Are you always looking for a better deal?
Get exclusive Frementa offers on sales and rental deals. Receive updates when the price of one of your favorite properties in the neighborhood drops!
Subscribe to the PREMIUM plan and get notifications of new properties published on Frementa.com for rent or for sale that are comparable to your current residence.
Monitor pricing statistics and accurately decide when you want to rent or own
Property prices go up and down... With Frementa you can know when it is better to buy or rent a property.